Privacy Notice

No user data is needlessly tracked from this site. All tracked data and cookies serve a purpose to help improve user experience. No third parties ever have access to the data.

This site uses Ghost as a website template, which by default does not track any user data. Currently there is no member registration or signups for newsletters active.

Traffic data is collected using a privately hosted Matomo instance. This is for analytical purposes only. IP Addresses are anonymized if collected.

No data will be collected if you do not consent to cookie collection. Data will never be shared externally. For the time being, data regarding number of site visits and number of visits from certain locations (i.e. personal data) will be kept for a maximum of 13 months. Everything else is aggregated as it is analyzed and is not kept. Instead it is used to generate reports.

Privacy Policy

This website operates as a blog and repository for projects, operating under the name "Wolf's Armoury". A web analytics platform (Matomo) is used to collect, measure and analyze visitor data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing the website and user experience.

Personal information Wolf's Armoury Collects

The analytics are used to understand the behaviour of visitors to identify potential areas of improvement, navigation issues, contents that gain the most attraction, etc. One the data has been processed, reports are generated for the website owner to analyze themselves and take due action if needed.

The following data is processed:

  • Cookies
  • IP Address (Only 2 bytes)
  • Website Location of the user
  • Date & Time
  • Website navigation history
  • Files downloaded
  • External domain links clicked
  • Page generation/load times
  • Browser language
  • Browser user agent
  • Country/Region of the user

The processing of personal data is based on explicit consent. Your privacy is our highest concern. No personal data will be processed unless consent is given.

How we collect information

Data, such as cookies and website navigation data is collected and processed to help identify areas of improvement and areas of interest on our website. For example, it will help us determine popular post formats and stories that have high traffic. It may also help us redesign parts of the website to make navigation easier.

Without this data, we have no method of gauging interest or areas of improvement of the website based on analytics. Your data will only be used to improve the user experience of the website, thereby directly benefit you with using the website.

Recipient of personal data

The data is collected through a self-hosted installation of Matomo, thus it is sent directly to our company. All data is kept within our company and is not shared with any other entities. Our company is located in New Brunswick, Canada, and all data remains within this region.

Retention Period

All data is deleted after 13 months. This enabled enough time to analyze aggregated data for a year and justify improvements to the site. Additionally, 13 months complies with several countries laws regarding data retention.

Your Rights

As we process personal data based on explicit consent, you can exercise the following rights:

  • Right of access: you can ask us at any time to access your personal data.
  • Right to erasure: you can ask us at any time to delete all the personal data we are processing about you.
  • Right to portability: you can ask us at any time for a copy of all the personal data we are processing about you.
  • Right to withdraw consent: you can withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the opt out button below.

Regardless if you opt out or not, consent will be asked every year since you first clicked Accept. You can either ignore the cookie banner, or go here to opt out.

You can withdraw consent at any time by clicking here

The right to lodge a complaint

If you think that the way we process your personal data with Matomo analytics is infringing the law, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

Consequences of opting out

If you wish us to not process any personal data, you can opt-out from it at any time. There will be no consequences at all regarding the use of our website.

The existence of automated decision-making, including profiling and information about how decisions are made, the significance and the consequences

We do not do any profiling with the data collected.